Telescopic Overdentures

The concept of telescopic dentures or bridges is explained here. On this page, you can see examples of Telescopic Dentures or Bridges carried by Dr Nelz.

Case 1


Situation Before…


Completed Treatment: Telescopic Overdenture on 4 Telescopes.

Case 2 – This is an old case from 2008.  Sorry for the poor image quality…


The situation before and Telescopic Primary Crowns on a model.


Completed Treatment. Please note this removable bridge will last easily for  20 + years and in many cases, such constructions can last for ~ 40 years.


Case 3    Another case from 2008.


Situation after implant insertion in the front.   Telescopic Crowns on teeth and implants.


Telescopic Bridge in place…


Color Skin

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