Telescopic Bridges and Dentures

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Telescope dentures/ bridges- also called double crowns are an outstanding option for the prosthetic treatment of patients with a reduced dentition. However, the design and fabrication of such a telescopic prosthesis place higher demands on the dental practitioner and the technical laboratory involved.

A telescopic crown comprises two parts:

  1. The primary crown, or coping, which is permanently fixed in the mouth to anchor teeth made from an alloy or newer materials such as zirconia.
  2. The mounted, removable telescopic crown or secondary crown attached to the prosthesis and made of the same alloy material.
Telescopic Dentures at Atlantic Dental
Telescopic Dentures- Principle

Examples of Telescopic Dentures and Bridges (Treatment carried out by Dr Nelz):

Primary crowns on implants. An alternative solution would be the use of “Ball Attachments” or “Locator Attachment” which offer LESS friction and stability.

Denture inserted. Great responsibility lies with the dentist and the laboratory to ensure the denture has a perfect fit.

Secondary Crowns in the denture. The material, in this case, is a  non-precious alloy which has replaced the previously used gold alloy in many cases.

Denture with gingiva friendly design. It is absolutely necessary to keep the gum around the telescopic crowns free and not to cover with acrylic.

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