Glasfiber reinforced composite bridges-minimal invasive treatment for difficult situations (Stick Tech Bridges).

There are situations when patients don't want to undergo invasive and expensive dental treatment. For example for patients with severe periodontal disease (Gum Disease) who are not the right candidate for dental implants (or don't want these). Other cases are medical compromised patients. These patients would often be treated with partial dentures which might fit well in the beginning but after a few months the gingiva (gum) starts to shrink and the denture becomes loose. These patients often have a poorer quality of life. Our minimal invasive glass fibre reinforced composite bridges are a fantastic treatment option.  

Case 1: Gum disease caused the loss of an upper tooth which was replaced at the same of the extraction with a Glass Fiber reinforced composite bridge. This Treatment takes about 60 min to complete and is meant to be a (long) term temporary solution as alternative to dentures or more expensive implant treatment.


Case 2:  missing lower tooth (Gum Disease)

Treatment completed in 45 min!
This minimal invasive treatment does not require any preparation of the neighbouring teeth!


Case 3: missing upper front tooth

The patient had ideal conditions for an dental implant BUT he didn't want one...


Fibre reinforced bridges (or splints) or often used (In our practice) in conjunction with periodontal treatment (Gum Disease). Or As temporary solution for dental implant patients i.e. as a temporary bridge in the front during the healing stage. 

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