Implant Treatment Failures and correction

Implant treatment failures and correction. Implant treatment in the “Aesthetic Zone” requires careful planning and consideration. Patients want a natural smile which includes a natural looking gum line. To achieve this it is important to place implants correctly and not to close together or too far forward.  This example shows an aesthetic failure. The implant is integrated and will never be lost but the patient is unhappy with the result. And here is why: 

Implants placed too close together.

This patient underwent treatment at another local dental practice.

After paying  nearly £10k and undergoing invasive implant surgery her smile looked like this:

implant failures
Aesthetic problems with 2 implants


Smile before corrective treatment

Smile before corrective treatment
Smile before treatment


The implant crown and abutment was removed …

Abutment removed
Implant Crown and Abutment removed


A gum graft and temporary bridge were placed.

Gum graft and temporary bridge
Temporary bridge and gum graft

Final Zirconia bridges and crown fitted.

Correction of implant failure
Final bridge


Mission accomplished…

Dental Implant Complications resolved
Finished Treatment



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