General Dentistry

High-Quality Dentistry- affordable but not cheap!

If it’s cheap it’s probably not worth it… because quality materials do cost money.
Obviously, it’s not just the materials which are being used but most important: the skills of the dentist (and the team) which matter most.

Please note: we are NOT using AMALGAM (“silver”, mercury”) fillings in our practice! The effects of mercury on tissues such as liver, kidneys and brain are documented (Bioaccumulation). However, we do not advocate the Removal of intact amalgam fillings in teeth free of decay! 

“White” fillings = Composite Fillings

Composite fillings need to placed under “Dental Dam”. This is necessary in order to keep the tooth dry while the filling is being placed. It is very difficult to achieve a dry environment without dental dam (or Rubberdam).

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Fillings

Root Canal Treatment, done correctly, has a very high success rate!  It is our principle to try to save your OWN TEETH and not to propose invasive treatments such as implants. Unfortunately MARKETING of the big implant companies and many dental practices have created the impression that dental implants are a superior solution to natural teeth. This is NOT the case.  Even severely damaged teeth can often be built up and saved. Root Canal treated teeth have a very good prognosis. Please note, often a root canal treated tooth needs a “post” and a crown or inlay to protect the tooth from fracture.  Root Canal Treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia and therefore painless. 


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