Composite Bonding Cornwall

Composite Bonding Cornwall: minimally invasive with maximum results.

The addition of Composite (tooth coloured resin-based filling material) to tooth surfaces without or with minimal drilling as called composite bonding. With the right technique, the results of this method can last a long time. At Atlantic Dental, we are using this method since 2007! 

Composite Bonding Cases: 

Cosmetic Composite Bonding to remove staining on front teeth and close the gaps between the teeth (black triangles).  Loose teeth (Gum disease) can often be splinted with the Glasfibre technique in the same appointment. 

Composite Bonding is a minimally invasive treatment option to repair defects in an aesthetic and functional way.

If you’re interested in Composite Bonding or want to check if you are suitable for this technique, you can book a consultation or complete the “E-Smile” assessment.

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