Animal Dentistry-Izzy

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy    Izzy, the Police dog.

Izzy was a highly trained police dog used to attack armed criminals. However, with a fractured canine his professional career was in jeopardy… . Instead of removing the canine as offered by the local vet, we performed a root canal treatment and placed a crown.

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
That’s Izzy

This is Izzy, the police dog and nightmare of all criminals 🙂

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
Exposed nerve

On closer inspection it became clear that the pulp was exposed and root canal treatment was inevitable.

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
Root canal instrument in canal

The root canal instrument in place.  The canine tooth was very long: 50mm.

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
Finished Crown preparation

After finishing the root canal treatment, the tooth was built up with composite material and prepared for a crown.

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
Impression taking

A silicon impression was taken with a modified human impression tray.

, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
Crown fitting at the second visit.

One week later the crown was fitted under sedation.



, Animal Dentistry-Izzy
Stainless steel crown fitted

The crown in place. The lenght of the crown needed to be slightly shorter than a natural tooth to reduce the risk of fracture. The bite forces of strong breeds can be between 200 and 350lbs!

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